About me


I'm an Assistant Curator at the William L. Brown Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden. I study high-elevation plant ecology, climate change, and ethnobotany. I often find myself working on rhododendrons in the eastern Himalaya.


Some recent publications

Vulnerability of phenological progressions over season and elevation to climate change: Rhododendrons of Mt. Yulong (Hart & Salick, PPEES)

Dynamic Ecological Knowledge Systems Amid Changing Place and Climate: Mt. Yulong Rhododendrons (Hart & Salick, J. Ethnobiology)

Fast and Cheap in the Fall: Phylogenetic determinants of late flowering phenologies in Himalayan Rhododendron (Hart, Georgian & Salick, Am J. Bot.)

Herbarium specimens show contrasting phenological responses to Himalayan climate (Hart, Salick, Ranjitkar & Xu in PNAS)

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